Electrical Design & Build in Victory Gardens, NJ

Start Strong With a Quality Electrical Design

Your building’s electrical design should never be overlooked. Facilities with properly-designed systems are safer and more efficient than those with flawed and outdated systems.

At Tore Electric Company Inc., we provide quality design and build services to help your business succeed. Using our trained eyes and years of experience, we’ll work with you to build a reliable electric system that will serve you well through the years.

On-Site Coordination

As New Jersey’s full-service electrical provider, Tore Electric can take your job from concept to completion. If you already have architectural drawings or a building plan, we’ll look at everything you have and use our knowledge to identify and fix any potential problems.

We understand that cost is always an ongoing concern. That’s why we strive to offer cost-effective solutions that won’t inhibit the safety and functionality of your building. Specializing in redesigns and new construction, we work with you and make your project as seamless and efficient as possible.

AutoCAD and 3D Drawings

To develop detailed and accurate electrical designs, we use advanced AutoCAD software. This allows us to simplify the process of designing complex electrical systems. It also further ensures our work will be error-free. We can even import your drawings into our system to further streamline the process.

In addition, we use 3D drawings to build a clear blueprint of your project and analyze every detail before beginning work. This ensures your project will be completed in a productive and timely fashion.


Our experts are natural problem solvers who put your safety first. We apply our knowledge and industry experience to find the most logical, cost-saving solutions for your business. When there are important decisions to be made with your electric design and build, you can count on our team to always make the right call.

Get Started With Tore Electric Company

We want you to benefit with reliable and safe electric—and it all starts with a professional design and build. Let the experts at Tore Electric streamline your success and provide quality, long-lasting electrical solutions you can trust.

To begin your project with our team, connect with us online or call Tore Electric Company at 973.759.3800 today.